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Getting the Most Out of Hiring a Caregiver

Hiring Private Duty Home Care Services in the Home

When parents become aged and unable to care for themselves, it is expected that children will be the one to provide help and assistance. Nonetheless, it is overwhelming for one to handle these changes especially if your aging parents need care and supervision around -the-clock. Hiring a caregiver would be the best option. A caregiver is a person that enhances the quality of life of aging individuals and helps them stay independent.  It is extremely important to know what you can do and what you can get from hiring one.

Tips for Hiring the "Right" Caregiver for Mom or Dad 

1. Start with observing your aging parent/ parents’ daily activities. Write down important facts about them in a spiral notebook. This can be the basis of knowing what kind of care you need which you can brief you caregiver about. It is always best to explain what they can do and cannot. If you decide to hire a caregiver from agency, they usually ask questions about your love ones’ health and well-being to analyze the level of care you need so it is best to have it listed. They can provide the best one for you if they know much about your aging parent.

2. Make a wish list of expectation and explain it to the caregiver. The more you tell what you are expecting from him/her, the more you can get it. It is always necessary to inform the caregiver what they need to do so there would be no misunderstanding between both parties.

3. It is also important to inform your caregiver about the habits of your aging parents. For example, your dad has a habit of being cranky when someone steps on the lawn. Knowing this, caregiver would be very careful not to trigger the mood of your dad. The more he/she knows the habit of your aging parent, the better he/she can handle the situation.

4. One of the reasons you hire a caregiver is because you cannot be with your mom or dad 24 hours. Either you are living in different city or simply busy at work. Communicating with the caregiver would lessen your worries. It is best to request the caregiver / organization to email you daily or weekly updating you about the status of your aging parents.

5. Leaving our love ones in a stranger’s care can be a bit disconcerning. It is best to observe him/her by showing up unexpectedly or if you are too busy, ask a friend or neighbor to observe so you can get a report from reliable people about the level of care the caregiver provides. Receiving a good report can give you peace of mind. Caring for elderly parents is challanging and requires physical, emotional and mental energy. Securing confident, professional help can make all the difference for you and your loved one.

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