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Senior Care At Home

An adult care facility is typically expensive. Most aging seniors are looking for options, planning finances and checking alternatives on where to age. Naturally, most seniors want to stay and age at home. It is common choice because no one wishes to live away from home. However, staying at home is not a good choice for everyone. Though everyone wants to maintain their independence within the comfort of their home, not all are able to stay.

Is Home Care right for you?

To leave home is a difficult decision for the aging seniors to make. Staying home has many advantages. To know whether home care is best alternative for you, look into the following:

Location. Your home location is one of important things to consider. Is your home accessible to amenities and hospital or clinic? Is it safe for a senior like you? Are you living in urban or rural areas? In case of emergency, is it easy to get help? Yes, it is convenient to live at home, but as you aged you need a place where convenience, safety and accessibility are available. Does the city or county provide any transportation? Is it safe to walk in the neighborhood alone?

Health Issues. More complicated health issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s need special and professional care. If aging senior’s decides to stay at home, health issues should be considered. Are you able to get the care you need at home? This will be an important question to answer.

Social group. If aging senior decides to stay at home, is a support group available in the community he/she belongs? Will he or she be able to socialize and join group for recreation? If they have a church, will someone be able to pick them up and take them home?

Finances. The biggest decision is the finances. Try to calculate the possible expenses in in-home care and assisted living placement. Look into its details of other sources of income like reverse mortgages and government assistance.

Needed Preparation

There are several things the aging seniors can do to help themselves to be able to stay and receive senior care at home. Here are some ideas:

  • Home modification. As we aged, our mobility is restricted. House modification is necessary to make our place senior’s friendly. Slippery floors and the bathrooms should be modified. Handrails and walkways should be available. Low cabinets and shelves are necessary. Handrails on all stairs, possibly double handrails. Outdoors porches may need modification. These are necessary to avoid accidents.  Falls are major problem for older people.
  • Health care coverage. Do you have the proper health care coverage? Is in-home care included in the coverage? Health care plan should have been arranged before crisis at old age arises.
  • Lifestyle. If you are planning to stay at home, you should be able to care for your self. A healthy lifestyle will increase your time in the home.
  • Contact support group. As we age, we need help and assistance from others. While you are able, you can join support group and learn how to be friendly. The more you are acquainted with the community, the more you can seek help from others.

Everyone will eventually age and become weak. Yet, we can live life to its fullest even during old age. Planning, preparation and education will help us through the old age.

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