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Diabetic Management

Proper diabetes care is critical to reduce the complications caused by this disease.  When blood sugar (glucose) levels remain too high and are uncontrolled, serious complications arise such as blindness, wounds that will not heal amputations, neuropathy (loss of feeling in extremities), confusion, kidney failure, and eventual death.  Low blood sugar levels can cause dizziness, fainting, confusion and falls. 

It is imperative that clients with diabetes use the proper methods and times to check their blood sugar levels.  The information gathered dictates medication and dietary intake – both of which are critical to life.

In Home Care When Living with Diabetes

In home assistance for clients challenged by diabetes and self care deficits such as finger dexterity and short term memory loss can make the difference between maintaining health and suffering very sad complications and even death. 

Our caregivers can assist the client with the testing process, medication reminders, and healthy diet plans from the American Diabetes Association. 

Our nurses can oversee insulin administration and the reporting of vital statistics to endocrinologists and other MD’s involved in the client’s overall daily health care plan.  Taking care of the diabetic client every day without fail is vital to maintaining steady glucose control and the prevention of long term effects.  "A small amount of help daily can produce a large amount of good health for years!"

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