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Frequently Asked Questions

Let Nightingale Private Care help you manage care for your loved one.  



How do I know whether I need a nurse, a home health aide, or a companion?

At Nightingale Private Care, you can always call and speak to the owner, a Registered Nurse (R.N.) for more explanation.  But for review, a homemaker / companion can provide socialization, errands, and homemaking, but no “hands-on” care.  A home health aide can provide “hands-on” care such as bathing, transferring, and all other personal care. A nurse (LPN or R.N.) is needed when there is a skill required like administering medications that cannot be pre-poured, attending to catheters, wounds, pain management, or skilled supervision of clients with multiple challenges in the home.  


Am I obligated to any type of contract once I start? What happens if we change our mind?

When you choose Nightingale, our services are on an as needed basis. You will be asked to sign a Service Agreement, but it simply states our charges and our policies. If you change your mind at any time, or if your circumstances change, our services can be put on hold or cancelled if you request.


Can your caregivers travel with my parents?

Yes, we can fly with clients to assist them when traveling to family members’ homes or at the end of Florida’s season, to help them return home. We have also been asked to accompany clients on cruises when families travel together and wish for “mom or dad” to travel along, but they need more assistance than the family can comfortably provide. Our aides provide around the clock care, and quality of life is preserved for that parent who just needs a little help to be safely included.


How am I billed once home care services is started?

Once home care starts, you will be billed every week via mail or email, whichever is your preference.  Nightingale's invoices can be sent to clients, their family members, trust officers, or other care managers.


Can I pay for home care service with a credit card?

Yes, credit care payments are accepted at Nightingale Private Care.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We can also arrange for ACH automatic withdrawals if requested.


Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we will assist the client in all the documentation necessary to file for their long-term health care insurance policy. This may include securing a doctor’s order on a written care plan, and sending our documentation weekly.


There are so many home health companies. How do I decide which one is best?

When deciding, your family member’s safety comes first. Look for fully licensed agencies. You can tell if they are licensed by looking at their advertisements. All legitimate agencies must list their license number in every ad. If you prefer supervised employees rather than independent contractors, choose an agency, rather than a registry. Again, you can tell the difference just by asking or by looking at the company’s license number. Nurse registries’ license numbers start with NR; home health agencies license numbers start with HHA. Look for experience and attention to detail. Read up about the owner - speak with the owner – do they have a medical background? See what impression you get when you talk with them. Can you talk with the owner or are they absentee owners?

Look for additional signs of professionalism you can trust like national accreditation status. Ask lots of questions and see what response you get and how much time you are given on the phone. Someone answering the phone who doesn’t know what the agency provides but “will get back with you” is not a comforting sign.

Lastly, if you can, go into the office. See what impression you get there. A pleasant, well-run office reflects the kind of care you can expect in the home. Talk to the owner/administrator and the staff yourself. If you walk out feeling you have met someone who cares, you are in the right place.

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