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Home Therapy

Occupational Therapy 

After a stroke, fall, surgery, accident or worsening of arthritis symptoms, the dexterity of our hands can be severely compromised.  This impairment can affect us physically, socially, and occupationally.   When assistance and training is needed to promote health, wellness, and rehabilitation of upper body strength and the use of our hands, specialized occupational therapists provide the skills necessary to retrain our bodies.  There are times when Medicare provides in-home occupational therapy, but these services will be provided for limited amounts of time.  Nightingale can provide private duty in-home occupational therapy to ensure that all progress made is maintained and full maximum potential realized.  These specialized therapists can leave detailed exercise programs in the home for all clients to use during their treatments and throughout the remainder of their active lives. 

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy encompasses treatment related to many functions of our daily life – speech, swallowing, cognitive concerns, hearing, etc..    Often after stroke or injury, clients are treated in rehabilitation facilities.  Upon return to home, however, there are still areas of concern that may need extended treatment to return lives to their original maximum potential.    Nightingale’s private speech therapists can provide ongoing exercise, treatments, and encouragement when clients return home.  Families are also supported by these additional services as they watch loved ones progress through the rehabilitation process. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy services at home can often mean the difference between struggling with partial return to function, and pushing forward to 100% of previous activity levels.  Relearning safe ambulation, strengthening of the lower limbs, and realizing and practicing new safety guidelines often takes very extended periods of time.  Clients become tired of the process – discouraged – and sometimes impatient with the long rehab road.  In home private duty physical therapists can provide encouragement, new exercise programs and methods, education and guidance through this long process.  Our physical therapists are highly trained and motivated to your progress and success at home.

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