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Memory Care at Home

Caring for the Alzhemier/dementia patient is most often a 24 hour/7day per week job. These family members must be monitored for safety, nutrition, activity, and personal care.  Caring for a loved one living with a memory disorder can be challanging.  At Nightingale Private Care, we want to make sure you know your options.   Allow our clinical team to assess your needs and design a schedule to fit your need and budget.

Home Care Services for the Memory Impaired

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Caregivers dealing with a family member suffering with Alzheimer's/dementia need to know all senior care options.  Often times caregivers seek Adult Daycare Centers for respite care or consider hiring a licensed caregiver for home care services.  

Individuals living with a memory impairment usually cannot be left alone for any length of time. The dementia patient’s decline regarding the recognition of family members and normal social etiquette can be sad and very unsettling to spouses, children, and grandchildren. Families do not know where to turn.

Alzheimer's Care - Senior Care Solutions 

Nightingale Private Care is a wonderful source for referrals for help from Alzheimer’s support groups to adult daycares. We also provide trained caregivers who are knowledgable regarding dementia care and support. These caregivers can give families the needed respite they deserve. Nightingale can provide hourly care several times a week all of the way up to live-ins who provide around the clock care for patients who live alone. Please call us if Alzheimer’s or dementia is claiming one of your family members. There are answers, solutions, and support of all kinds available.

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