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Ostomy Care at Home 

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When you or a loved one are discharged from the hospital with a new iliostomy or colostomy, daily life can suddenly seem very complicated and overwhelming.   Adjusting to daily care, supplies and their use, and body image concerns can make ostomy care a frightening and discouraging part of life.  Elderly clients who have had ostomies for many years may become challenged to provide their own care because of dexterity issues and memory deficits. 

Personal Care at Home with a Home Health Aide

Our nurses and home health aides can be of great assistance in providing daily care.  Our nurses can change ostomy appliances, order supplies, and evaluate the ostomy stoma for skin integrity and lack of infection.  Our aides can empty and cleanse collection bags and report to nurses any changes noted that might be of concern.  Nightingale nurses can also provide excellent education, training, and support for the patient and family alike, promoting independence and a sense of accomplishment.  Whatever the need for support, assistance, or education Nightingale Private Care trained clinical team can help evaluate your needs.

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