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Supplementing Hospice Services

Hospice Care Services are invaluable to clients suffering from end stage conditions at home. In South Florida, our local hospice services are second to none and offer comfort, skilled care, pain management, palliative care, grief counseling, and crisis management during the dying process.

Utlizing Home Health Care Services While Receiving Hospice Care

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Nightingale Private Care is very proud to offer supplemental care to Hospice patients. Hospice may only be able to offer intermittent aides and nurses to help with a patient's care initially. During this initial period, families may be very burdened with caring for a bedbound family member and several hours a day is not enough to provide the constant care the patient needs.

In these cases, Nightingale Private Care is often asked to provide bedside care for numerous hours through the day and night to assist the family.

Working Alongside Hospice At Home

Comfort is our goal.  Caregiver can feel confident knowing that their loved one is being cared for properly.  Below are a few types of care services to consider when determining the need for supplemental hospice care by a licensed home care agency like Nightingale Private Care.

  • Constant bed bathing for feverish patients
  • Incontinence care that cannot be delayed
  • Transfer Assistance  
  • Relaxing lotion rubs

A Team Approach at Home

Our licensed caregivers also sit with patients while family members take care of other pressing matters, work and family obligations. Nightingale communicates directly with the Hospice provider so that we may decreases hours as Hospice increases theirs in an effort to work as a team to provide comfort, solace, and professional care for the dying patient and their family.

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