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Respite Care from Palm Beach to Indian River Counties

Sometimes caregivers need a little tender care!! The daily, non-stop responsibility of caring for a loved one can be very tiring, physically and mentally.

At Nightingale Private Care , we offer respite care as a solution to caregiver stress.

Caregiver Supportive Services 

We can supply a home health aide or companion to sit with clients for several hours while caregivers go out to the movies, to church, on a date night, or just a long walk in the park.  

Our trained clinical staff can also stay with clients for extended days of relief such as long weekends and vacations. We can drive clients to medical appointments so that caregivers do not need to take off work.

Our aides can come in one day a week to change linens, do laundry, and fix meals several days ahead to give caregivers a break. It is amazing how some time off can reduce stress! We now have Nightingale gift cards that can be purchased as a gift of time to give much needed time off to a caregiver you know. 

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Home Health Aide Travel Program for the Elderly

Do Mom and Dad want to go North for the summer?

Do you want to take a cruise with family and include Grandma? Nightingale offers home health aides who travel. Our aides can stay for several months out of state with clients who are "snow birds." This enables clients to maintain the quality of life they have experienced in the past by enjoying their two home settings as usual. With help, they can still travel back and forth and maintain their safety with a personal aide. Also, families look forward to memories made on vacations or cruises with older members of the family, but when there are concerns about safe ambulation, memory loss, or personal care needs these plans are put on hold or avoided completely. With a home health aide or nurse accompanying the older family member, the rest of the family can enjoy the vacation knowing wonderful memories will be made for a lifetime and everyone will enjoy themselves safely.

Affordable Elder Travel Companion Service

When a senior citizen is too frail to travel safely, Nightingale Private Care can help.  We offer licensed home health aides trained in assisting the elderly with ambulation and transfers as they accompany your loved one while on vacation or visiting family abroad.  Our caregivers can help navigate through airports and seaports safely guiding your loved one to and from home.

Bereavement Travel Escorts in South Florida

Coordinating bereavement travel plans for an elderly family member doesn't have to be challenging.  Nightingale Private Care can coordinate a senior care companion to accompany your family member in time of need.      

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Nationwide Elderly Transportation

Not sure of how Nightingale Private Care can help?  Think of Nightingale Private Care when coordinating the following:

  • Family Vacations
  • Family Reunions
  • Death in the Family
  • Seasonal Retirement Living in South Florida
  • Traveling to and from Family Member's Homes Across the United States
  • Cruises

Want to discuss a Traveling Companion? Call today for a FREE Home Care Assessment (772) 245-8390

Ideas For Using Daily Respite Services At Home

  • Enjoying date night
  • Getting a good night's rest by having a sitter help with a loved one 
  • Taking long weekends
  • Helping with household chores so that the work day is a little shorter
  • Giving caregiver an opportunity to go for hair appointment or walk on the beach
  • Preparing meals ahead for client
  • Driving client to appointments so that caregiver does not need to take off work
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Hospital Sitters / Companion

Sitting for hours and days in a hospital with little rest on uncomfortable chairs eating hospital food concerned over a loved one can be very tiring – so tiring that the caregiver becomes exhausted and rundown themselves.  

At Nightingale Private Care, we offer hospital sitters to take over that night shift or sit during the day while family members go home to change clothing or grab a bite to eat.

Post Operative Recovery Care 

Why consider hiring a hospital sitter from Nightingale Private Care?

Our licensed caregivers can stay around the clock after surgery. Keep us in mind for the following scenarios:

  • Whether you are seeking respite relief or there are no family members close by but would like someone to be sitting with Grandma keeping her company.
  • Making sure your loved one receives pain medications and nursing supervision when there is a need.
  • Encouraging meal time and monitoring food intake.  
  • Providing extra support or fluffing a pillow when a family member is feverish or restless.
  • You live out of town and there are no family members close by the hospital, but you would like someone to be sitting with Mom, keeping her company and watching her.
  • You want to make sure your loved one eat properly, and that someone monitors their food and fluid intake.
  • You can’t be with your loved one 24 hours a day but you want to provide extra support such as fluffing a pillow when a family member is feverish or restless.
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Clinical Trained Nurses or Home Health Aides

Our hospital sitters are home health aides or nurses, and they report to our nursing supervisors and to whatever family member requesting the information. We are proud to refer to ourselves as patient advocates – something often needed in busy health care facilities.

Supplementing Hospice Services

Hospice Care Services are invaluable to clients suffering from end stage conditions at home. In South Florida, our local hospice services are second to none and offer comfort, skilled care, pain management, palliative care, grief counseling, and crisis management during the dying process.

Utlizing Home Health Care Services While Receiving Hospice Care

Nightingale Private Care is very proud to offer supplemental care to Hospice patients. Hospice may only be able to offer intermittent aides and nurses to help with a patient's care initially. During this initial period, families may be very burdened with caring for a bedbound family member and several hours a day is not enough to provide the constant care the patient needs.

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In these cases, Nightingale Private Care is often asked to provide bedside care for numerous hours through the day and night to assist the family.

Working Alongside Hospice At Home

Comfort is our goal.  Caregiver can feel confident knowing that their loved one is being cared for properly.  Below are a few types of care services to consider when determining the need for supplemental hospice care by a licensed home care agency like Nightingale Private Care.

  • Constant bed bathing for feverish patients
  • Incontinence care that cannot be delayed
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Relaxing lotion rubs

A Team Approach at Home

Our licensed caregivers also sit with patients while family members take care of other pressing matters, work and family obligations. Nightingale communicates directly with the Hospice provider so that we may decreases hours as Hospice increases theirs in an effort to work as a team to provide comfort, solace, and professional care for the dying patient and their family.

Memory Care at Home

Caring for the Alzhemier/dementia patient is most often a 24 hour/7day per week job. These family members must be monitored for safety, nutrition, activity, and personal care.  

Caring for a loved one living with a memory disorder can be challanging. At Nightingale Private Care, we want to make sure you know your options.  

Allow our clinical team to assess your needs and design a schedule to fit your need and budget.

Home Care Services for the Memory Impaired

Caregivers dealing with a family member suffering with Alzheimer's/dementia need to know all senior care options.  Often times caregivers seek Adult Daycare Centers for respite care or consider hiring a licensed caregiver for home care services.  

Individuals living with a memory impairment usually cannot be left alone for any length of time. The dementia patient’s decline regarding the recognition of family members and normal social etiquette can be sad and very unsettling to spouses, children, and grandchildren. Families do not know where to turn.

Alzheimer's Care - Senior Care Solutions 

Nightingale Private Care is a wonderful source for referrals for help from Alzheimer’s support groups to adult daycares. We also provide trained caregivers who are knowledgable regarding dementia care and support. These caregivers can give families the needed respite they deserve. Nightingale can provide hourly care several times a week all of the way up to live-ins who provide around the clock care for patients who live alone. Please call us if Alzheimer’s or dementia is claiming one of your family members. There are answers, solutions, and support of all kinds available.

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Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease or other memory impairment? Call today for a FREE Home Care Assessment (772) 245-8390

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