How do I know if home care is needed?

When you start to notice a change in a loved one’s appearance and household cleanliness typically indicates a shift in physical and mental status. Your loved one is no longer willing or able to complete familiar tasks without support. These are some subtle behavioral changes. A decline in functional abilities can indicate the need for extra help to support a client’s desire to age in place or, as we call it, “Bloom in Place.” 

  • Trouble getting dressed or fastening clothing
  • Toileting and bathing present complications for your loved one
  • Cannot prepare meals on their own or need frequent assistance
  • Nutrition and hydration needs are not being met 
  • Medications are sometimes missed or forgotten
  • Has had frequent falls or walking now requires assistance 
  • Household chores are being ignored or present difficulty
  • Confusion and items are regularly lost

You’ll Notice Our Unique Personal Attention On Your Very First Call.

Our commitment to providing unique personal attention on every call for private duty care stems from our understanding that each client has unique needs, preferences, and concerns. We prioritize actively listening to your specific requirements, addressing any questions or uncertainties, and tailoring our services to meet your individualized needs. By placing a strong emphasis on personalized care and ensuring that your voice is heard, we strive to build a genuine connection with you from the very first interaction and throughout our care relationship.

Person-Centered Care

Nightingale’s person-centered home care focuses on creating a customized plan considering the individual’s physical, emotional, and social well-being. The care plan is developed in collaboration with the person receiving care, their family members, and the care team, ensuring that specific goals, values, and preferences are at the forefront of our services.

We approach every client with unwavering dignity, compassion, and respect. Nightingale actively engages and involves the client and family member in the decision-making process of their home care, ensuring their preferences, goals, and desires are respected and integrated into person-centered care.

Explore The Range Of In-home Care Services Nightingale Offers.

Nightingale offers compassionate client-tailored services to meet or exceed your home-based care expectations.

Personal Care

There comes a time in most of our lives when we need a little help. That’s where Nightingale fits in. We provide full-service private duty home care customized to the client’s needs, allowing them to stay where they feel most comfortable.

Companion Care

Our companion care service is an excellent choice for seniors who need a little help to remain at home but do not require advanced caregiving.

Complex Clinical Care

We passionately believe in providing person-centered complex care services. This means treating our clients with dignity, compassion, and respect and involving them in decisions about their health.

Private Duty Nursing

We provide one-on-one medical care in the comfort of the home, a setting preferred by most clients and their families. Our team provides care following best practices meeting a high level of excellence.

Certified Home Health

We provide skilled care so people can live safely in their homes during recovery from surgery, injury, or illness, managing a serious or chronic disease or dealing with multiple diagnoses.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Our compassionate Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers stand ready to deliver the necessary patience, empathy, and nurturing to help your loved one Bloom in Place.

Veteran Care

We understand the unique needs of our veterans and their families. We are dedicated to providing quality home care services that meet those needs in a professional, compassionate manner.

Request An In-home Visit

From daily, weekly or 24-hour companionship of a home health aide, to skilled nursing services, the plan of care for each client is uniquely adapted to their needs.