February 3, 2020

Spending time together

Some of the ways that your parent and your children can benefit from spending time together include:

Less time away from you.

Spending more time together means that your parent and your children will get to spend more time with you as well. When you try to care for them separately you are always having to choose which you will focus on at any given time. Enjoying activities, events, and care tasks as a family means more time that is not divided and closer, more beneficial relationships.

Closer family connection.

Family relationships are precious and can make a tremendous impact on your child’s sense of self and the decisions that they make moving forward. By spending more time with their grandparent they will have a closer connection to their family and learn more about their history that they can then pass along to future generations.
Improved cognitive functioning

Cognitive health and functioning are not just things that you need to think about when it comes to your aging parent. If you have young children, cognitive functioning is about early learning, developing potential, and finding strengths and interests. Spending time together is an effective way to nurture this type of health and functioning in both generations. Together they are able to learn new things, put these new skills and pieces of information to work, stretch their creativity, imagination, and memories, and keep their brains sharper.

 More active lifestyle.

When you have the opportunity to integrate the generations into each other’s activities and lives, you are giving them the chance to get out of the house, change up their routine, and enjoy more activity and engagement in the world around them. This can be as simple as your parent going to a sports event to watch your child, or your child coming on a walk with your parent. Either way, they will benefit from keeping their minds and bodies more active.

If your schedule has become overwhelming and you do not feel as though you are giving your best to either you parent or your children, now may be the time for you to start thinking about elderly care. An elderly home care services provider can step in to fill any care gaps that might exist, ensuring that your loved one’s individual needs are met in the way that is best for them. Through a personalized approach this care provider ensures that your loved one receives the level of care, support, assistance, and encouragement that they need and deserve, allowing them to live the highest quality of life possible when you are with them and when you are not.

This allows you to take a step back and focus more of your energy, attention, and effort on your obligations and responsibilities toward your children.

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